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Nancy Saladik is an artist/educator who lives and maintains a painting studio in Montgomery County, PA. The subject matter for her artwork comes from many of the people, places and things experienced throughout her life.  She attempts to capture the simple elements that exist in our natural surroundings that are often overlooked or taken for granted in today’s hectic world. Capturing the genuine emotions of children at play, the beauty of sunlight reflecting across a body of water are examples of inspirations transformed into works of art through interesting viewpoints, unexpected perspectives, and vibrant use of color and light. 


She enjoys oil paint as her medium of choice, but is not limited by experimenting with pastel and watercolor in her artworks. Nancy’s artistic style identifies with the Impressionists, so as to not recreate a photograph, but to leave evidence of the artistic process for the viewer.  Nancy is also an active plein-air artist visiting may sites across PA and NJ to paint in natural environments.


Nancy received her Masters degree from Arcadia University and her BFA from Kutztown University. Her career includes several years as a graphic designer, arts educator and mentor for at-risk youth. She is most happy when sharing her passion for art with those who recognize art as an outlet for creative expression.

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